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Rock Hawg

A J Gammond Ltd is the first contractor to run Rock Hawg  machines in the UK and Ireland. This method of Rock Excavation is proving a success in many different parts of the world and we are sure it can do the same here.

The primary uses for these machines are as follows:

Construction sites:

Where rock is present the site can be levelled with excavated material available to be used elsewhere on site without being put through a crusher. This eliminates the need to import new material at an additional cost.

The Rock Hawg method of excavation produces little to no vibration giving it huge advantages if buildings or existing utilities are nearby.

Road Construction:

Road grading and formation is possible in rock conditions. Type 1 material is produced directly in one pass with minimal disturbance to the surrounding rock structure.


This is the new alternative to drilling and blasting. Rock can be excavated quickly and efficiently and in areas where blasting may be prohibited. Also, haul roads can be planed without fracturing the structure of the rock below.

If you are interested in this concept of rock excavation or would like more information then please contact Bruce Gammond:

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