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Tesmec Rock Saw

A J Gammond Ltd are delighted to announce the new addition of a Tesmec TRS1150 Rock Saw to our growing fleet. We recognised that there were no high quality and reliable Rock Saws available to hire within the UK. So, with this in mind together with Tesmec, we have customised a machine to cater for the UK Construction and Infrastructure industry.

At 50 tonne with 440hp, the machine has been conceived for the toughest rock and concrete conditions and will deliver extremely high outputs in softer material. This model is capable of digging narrower trenches than any of our existing machines (100mm - 300mm) up to 1.2m deep.

The Rock Saw is fitted with State of the art equipment and an impressive array of Safety features to meet the stringent safety rules within the Construction industry in the UK.

 The areas that the Rock Saw will be of benefit our customers include:

  • High productivity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Less impact on the Environment
  • Early completion
  • Minimise disruption
  • Reduction in Risk impact on handover times or delays in breakout
  • Minimise backfill materials, we can specifically set the Rock Saw up for any specification width between 100mm and 300mm.

 The Rock Saw is an efficient tool for use  in the following areas:

  • Airports – Runways, Stands & Taxiways. Used for cutting slots in Runways, taxiways for new AGL Duct installations, For breakout of existing PQ Concrete, Asphalt etc.
  • Utilities - Gas ,water, electric & telecoms were narrow trench is required
  • Motorway construction – Separation cut for Breakout & Crossover sections. Edge cut for new barrier, kerb, drain etc.
  • Highway maintenance – Edge cut for new kerb line, Breakout – slot cutting, etc

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