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With over 30 years experience of being involved in the trenching industry. A J Gammond Ltd is now the specialist provider of some of the most advanced trenching equipment in the UK and Ireland.

We have the capabilities to dig trenches from 300mm to 910mm in width and 3.3m in depth in one pass. If wider trenches than this are required then extra cuts can be taken.

Based in the Midlands we are able to support projects throughout the U.K. and Ireland. With our vast degree of knowledge and experience we are able to provide advice on project planning and layout, creating a good partnership between ourselves and the customer and helping to achieve the ultimate goal of a highly successful completed job.

All our employees are highly trained in both the driving and maintenance of the machines. This means that any downtime that has to occur is very much the minimum. From our parts and workshop facility we are able to offer the correct rotary carbide picks to suit ground conditions, keeping down costs and increasing productivity.

Not all trenchers are the same. Our very strong relationship with manufacturers Tesmec means that we are always at the forefront of trenching technology. This leads us to be able to undertake many projects that our competitors cannot.

We are proud to announce the arrival of the new Tesmec 985 Chainsaw Trencher to our fleet. This machine is the first of its type into the UK and will enable us to dig trenches up to 750mm wide in the carriageway and convey material away whilst not exceeding a machine width of 2.5m. It is equipped with the latest trenching technology and powered by the new Tier 4 Caterpillar engine which will increase productivity whilst reducing emissions and diesel consumption.

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